BIG Monthly sales for Hampton Yacht Group!

Apr 29th, 2016 | Seattle, WA
Hampton Yacht Group of Seattle


We're Off To A Great Start for Summer '16

Hampton Yacht Group sold 6 big listings last month! Just in time for the new yacht owners to kick off the boating season with a bang! Congratulations to Robert Fiala for the sale of the new 2015 Endurance E658 LRC, 2008 Selene 66 Ocean Trawler and 2013 Sabre 48 Salon Express. Congrats to Scott Hauck and J.R. Yuse for the listing and sale of the 2001 Selene 53 Ocean Trawler inventory boat. Congrats to Randy Cowley for the sale of the 2001 Tiara 52 Express and to Ben Johnson for the sale of a 39' Sea Ray!

Endurance 658

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