2018 East Coast Hampton & Endurance Rendezvous Photos

Apr 19-21, 2018 | Fort Lauderdale, FL


The first East Coast Rendezvous could only be described in one way - epic! There were about 60 attendees and 12 Hampton or Endurance boats at the event, including one that traveled all the way from the Caribbean. Throughout the weekend, the weather was beautiful and we were thrilled to unite the east coast HYG Family.

We kicked off the extended weekend with a cocktail party with drinks from San Sebastian Winery, Khoffner Brewing, and Pilar Rum. The night was a perfect way to mingle, with light music from a local guitarist.

We settled in the next afternoon on the soft Fort Lauderdale sands for a beach party, featuring a mouth-watering Florida-style clambake. Guests lounged in chairs and avoided redness with a spritzing station from Hampton Sun, a luxury skin protection brand that was one of our sponsors.

Guests were blown away by the dinner at the historical Bonnett House & Museum, with gorgeously set tables and steel drum music. The food was themed around "A Taste of the Islands" and featured specialties from Cuba, Trinidad & Tobago, and Haiti. The colorful gardens were the perfect place to relax and take group portraits.

The next day started off on an educational note with seminars on the dock, including a design brief from Hampton and Endurance naval architect Howard Apollonio and a tender lift demonstration by sponsor FreedomLift.

Guests raved about the seafood luncheon out on the dock that afternoon, which included roasted group, make-you-own street tacos, a conch station and wine pairings.

The event was rounded out that evening with a Miami Vice inspired cocktail party, including a world-famous illusionist who did everything from card tricks to bending forks. A magic mirror photobooth captured plenty of photos of our guests, who were thrilled to get copies of those along with raffle prizes doled out by our sponsors. Afterwards, we danced the night away to tunes by local band Classic Rock Therapy.

Needless to say, the weekend was action packed! Endless thanks to our wonderful Hampton & Endurance owners, our sponsors: Freedom Lift, Hampton Sun, Triton Seafood Co., Garmin, Sterling Associates, Global Marine Insurance, Wesmar, Imtra Co., Argos Nautic, and Antibes Yachtwear, as well as Business Manager Laura Unsell for her hard work planning a spectacular event!

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