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Apr 20th, 2016 | Chandler's Cove, Seattle
Hampton Yacht Group of Seattle


This Article "Matt’s in the Market and Radiator Whiskey Spin Off Two Waterfront Restaurants on Lake Union" appeared on the Seattle Met

Picture this: Its a beautiful summer day on Lake Union and you're enjoying time on the yacht you purchased from Hampton Yacht Group with friends and family. Theres just one problem though, your fresh out of food and drinks and the nearby docks are especially crowded. We all have stories similiar to this but a solution is on its way for Summer 2016!

Dan Bugge is the owner of Matt’s in the Market and Radiator Whiskey in Pike Place Market—thus a man who knows how to serve drinks and a great meal in the middle of Seattle’s most scenic environments. Now Bugge is getting ready to open another pair of establishments (White Swan Public House & The 100-Pound Clam) on South Lake Union’s prime waterfront.

Bugge has already gotten clearance from his insurance agent to set up a dinghy delivery service for nearby boats, complete with growlers of beer in little life jackets. The restaurants do have their own dock, should you want to nose up your vessel for some carryout food. The restaurant (proper address 1001 Fairview Ave N) is also next to a trolley stop, so you can access by land or sea.

White Swan Public House will be “very Radiator Whiskey style, but with fish,” says Bugge. Here the housemade sausages will be predominantly seafood; instead of whole pig head, the big brick oven will roast whole rockfish, or crab with garlic and chilies.

Out on the adjacent waterfront patio, a fish and chips shack dubbed The 100-Pound Clam will be a walkup window with a full booze lineup. Bugge says his team has plans beyond the standard fried whitefish—smelt, maybe trout, definitely clams. You can get oysters all over this compound, but Bugge himself will be shucking at a patioside oyster bar this summer.

White Swan will be open seven days a week, and do brunch on weekends. The fish and chips shack should be open by 11 most days, and stay open until about dinnertime. Lloyd Hounsell, a partner in Radiator and a friend of Bugge’s dating back to the eighth grade, will run operations at the new restaurants.

The 100-Pound Clam will open in late May, with the White Swan Public House following by mid June. Make sure you check these spots out and be sure to stop by and pay Hampton Yacht Group a visit when you do!

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