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About Hampton Yacht Group

Hampton Yacht Group is a network of full service yacht dealerships specializing in quality new and pre-owned motor yachts. With locations across the US we are the authorized dealers for Hampton & Endurance yachts.

Our knowledgeable sales and service staff can help guide you through the process of purchasing a new or pre-owned yacht, listing your yacht, and yacht purchase representation. We can also help you locate a yacht and assist you with obtaining financing, yacht transportation services and marine insurance worldwide.

Buying with Us

If you're planning on purchasing a yacht, your licensed Hampton Yacht Group broker pledges to take the time to help you find the right boat. Your yacht broker will guide you through the entire process from making an offer, to sea trial and haul-out/survey. We can also assist in pointing you in the right direction with other yachting items as well, such as yacht financing, market reports and boat insurance.

HYG has helped international buyers find motoryachts, trawlers, catamarans, sailboats, and superyachts in the U.S. from over 20 countries.

Selling with Us

For clients looking to sell their yacht, HYG is ready to aggressively market your yacht on all major marketing fronts, including web and email marketing, print advertising, boat show participation, and even direct mail promotions.

HYG’s steady 9-year growth, even in challenging economic times, is the fruit of working hard for our clients. Every yacht broker at our offices has a sincere desire to please every client.

The crew at HYG would be honored to show you how three generations of yachting expertise can be an asset to your yachting experience.

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What People Are Saying

"I was really impressed with the handling and ease of docking the vessel in tight spots and the exceptional visibility around the boat. The four extra control stations make life fun when operating around the dock. Engine room was spacious enough for a 6 foot 2 inch Gorilla like me to get around both engines. I can go on and on about this boat. Your team has put a lot of thought into this product and I just want to say I love the boat."

Capt. Carl, Endurance 720, Customer of Hampton Yacht Group of

“My first experience was the purchase of a new Hampton 620 motor yacht.  Skip Smith, my sales specialist, worked tirelessly providing me information on the 620 and making me feel comfortable switching over to the Hampton brand.  In fact, we loved the 620 so much, two years later we purchased a new Hampton Endurance 720.  Anyone who comes aboard remarks on how well the boat is made…..The attention to detail, the fit and finish, and the redundancy of the onboard systems are second to none.
Service is so critical to any operation and once again Hampton has exceeded my expectations.  Theo, who’s in charge of the service department, is a genius when it comes to working on Hampton boats.  There is nothing he hasn’t seen and nothing he can’t fix.  I have had a need to call him after hours at times and he is always there to help.  He truly cares about the people and making sure the Hampton experience is one of excellence.
Lastly, when you have family and friends onboard safety is always your main concern.  Sitting at the helm of a Hampton Yacht gives you the comfort of knowing you will always get to your destination....I couldn’t be happier or feel safer.”

Vic, Endurance 720, Customer of Hampton Yacht Group of

We were in the process of looking for a new 65-70ft cruising yacht that we could keep on the east coast.

On a recent trip to Roche Harbor we met Robert Fiala, who was just closing the display of their new Endurance 658. We expressed an interest to view it and without hesitation he offered to open the boat and let us have a look. It was clear that Robert was very knowledgeable and as we walked through the yacht we became more excited, the Endurance had every feature we were looking for, virtually no compromises.

As we developed more interest, Robert canceled his return flight home and extended his trip to accommodate a sea trial, which shortly lead to a contract and completed sale.

We want to compliment Robert and his HYG team. They are extremely professional, responsive, transparent and honest. They also addressed every detail with speed and efficiency and made buying a yacht easy.

We are thrilled to be the new owner of an Endurance 658 and excited to be part of the Hampton family.

Randy & Teri, Endurance 658-10, Customer of Hampton Yacht Group of West Coast

“The all new Hampton 650 Motor yacht is one of the best running boats I have ever been on. From the moment you start the engines until you shut them down the Hampton 650 is exhilarating. Her ABT Trac digital stabilizers work so well you feel you were aboard a much larger yacht, and the Twin Disc quick shift transmissions along with Sea Torque anti vibration system make this Hampton silky smooth and ultra-quiet. When I ran the boat at 15 knots from San Diego California to Newport Beach California no matter where I was on the boat I was amazed at how quiet the entire boat was. I was able talk in a normal voice thanks to the liberal use of sound down insulation, under water exhaust, and again the Seatorque shaft system allowing for low noise and vibration throughout the entire vessel. The trip took about 4 hours in about 4 to 6 foot swell and 10 to 12kts of wind without roll or vibration form anywhere throughout the boat. Hampton has built one of the best handling Yachts I have been on at any size.”

Captain Tim, Hampton 650, Customer of Hampton Yacht Group of West Coast